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About Our Farm

Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpaca Stud is a family owned and operated business that was started in 1990 by Marg & Laurie Binks and their daughter & son-in-law Debbie & Stephen Maddams. Marg and Laurie have recently retired but Steve & Debbie are still running the farm along with an ever changing team of willing volunteers (through the WWOOFers and Helpx scheme) and with occasional assistance from their sons Ryan & Dylan.

We brought the first alpacas to Western Australia and currently run about 100 head. Visitors can walk amongst and feed the alpacas and enjoy their quiet serene nature (bags of animal food are provided on entry). Alpacas breed all year round, so there are nearly always young babies (a baby alpaca is called a "cria"). All shearing is done on farm (by Stephen) and the raw fleeces are available to purchase in our shop. We are also very involved in the alpaca shows - look out for the "Pentland" name at the Perth Royal and Albany Agricultural Shows. We also have alpacas for sale and top males standing as stud.

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Visitors with a kangaroo

Bantam hens $15, Rabbits $25, Guinea Pigs $15, Goats $55 and alpacas from $330.

Farm Open Daily 10am to 4pm
(Closed Christmas Eve & Day only)

Koalas fed 10am daily
Farm babies bottle fed 3pm daily
Bags of animal food included in entry fee

About Alpacas

We imported the first alpacas into Western Australia in October 1990. As an alpaca stud we have
alpacas for sale and top males standing at stud.

Alpacas and Llamas have been domesticated in South America for several thousand years. They are of the Camelid family, being distantly related to the camel and more closely related to the vicuna and guanaco - both still wild in South America. The alpaca is bred primarily for its soft luxurious fibre while the much bigger llama is bred primarily as a pack animal or “beast of burden”.

Alpacas are shorn once a year, usually in Spring, and they occur naturally in a large range of colours and shades: white, black, fawn, brown, grey. They can also be multi-coloured. The alpaca fibre is very versatile and durable and garments made from alpaca are sure to last and stay looking good for many years.

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