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Everybody loves baby animals!
Throughout the year we have a variety of babies on the farm - and you certainly don’t need to be a child to get a thrill out of cuddling a joey, nursing a chicken or bottle-feeding a lamb!

Each year we hand raise 1 or 2 orphaned kangaroo joeys that are brought to us. Depending on their age they will either be in the shop in their “sleeping-bag” or hopping around the farm. They get their bottle at 3pm daily along with the other farm babies. The very young joeys love to be nursed like a baby when having their bottle (don’t forget your camera!). All the adult kangaroos on the farm are people friendly as they were also hand-raised.

With our egg incubator, we have a constant supply of new-hatched chickens to view. The chicks are in a raised pen with a light for easy viewing and they can also be picked up and nursed.

Our rabbits and guinea pigs have been handled from a young age and are therefore very friendly. Visitors young and old can sit in the enclosure with the rabbits and guinea pigs and their babies to cuddle and feed them.

We hand-rear several Scottish Highland calves each year and these are included in our 3pm bottle-feeding. They are very fluffy and cute and because they are hand-reared are always friendly and love a pat and a scratch under the chin!

Alpacas breed all year round, so there are nearly always baby alpacas (a baby alpaca is called a “cria”) with their mothers in the walk-in paddock. Alpacas are very docile and generally calm about visitors quietly approaching their babies. Because alpacas give birth during daylight hours, many lucky visitors have actually watched an alpaca being born!

Our friendly ferrets usually have at least one litter of kits during the year. Visitors are welcome to cuddle our playful ferrets, who love human attention. Ferrets are related to stoats, meerkats, skunks, mongooses, otters & weasels.

At 3pm daily we bottle feed the farm babies - the animals vary throughout the year, but usually we have kid goats, lambs, calves, piglets and a joey to feed. The baby goats and lambs are very friendly and love visitors nursing and stroking them (they will probably fall asleep on your lap!). The cheeky goats also love to jump and climb - and will happily pose for a photo standing on your back!

We also have various animals for sale throughout the year including alpacas, Scottish highland cattle, ferrets, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Telephone us on (08)9840 9262 for more information.

Kids with kids

Baby Chicken

Boy feeding Pig